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The Riverside Project is a collaborative initiative to mobilize Houston’s churches and community leaders to respond strategically to the foster care crisis.


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"The good future of Houston depends on a unified Church stepping into the gaps to contend for the vulnerable, marginalized, abused, and neglected. The Riverside Project is not only "mission-critical" to that good future, but through it, Fostering Family brings cohesion, leadership, and vision to the many helpful but disparate orphan-care efforts of God's people here in Houston. I am hard pressed to think of more important and urgent work than caring for the orphans of our city. The people of God must be the place of rest, refuge, and hope for those discarded by the world. For in so doing and becoming, the Church honors the Imago-Dei in all people, lives out its mission with coherence and grit, and shows those on the margins that Jesus the Christ is with us and therefore with them. Fostering Family has my wholehearted commendation.”

Austin Hermann

Director of the Center for

Faith, Work, and Innovation at

First Presbyterian Church Houston

The realities that vulnerable children and families face are complex, and there are few leaders in the field who are truly devoted to navigating the system and advocating for the best and highest good of families of origin, foster families, and children. It seems that there are many agencies and organizations that connect on some level with one or another, but there are almost none who are able to see the importance and impact of each role. Amber Knowles has experienced the child protective system firsthand as a foster mom. She is well aware of the gaps, and through Fostering Family, she is seeking to build bridges that can truly make a difference!

Toni Steere, Director
Legacy 685 at Houston’s First

Fostering Family strengthens the caregivers who step up to care for and nurture these children twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week at much sacrifice to their own needs and resources. They do this through training babysitters, material support, and guidance. Fostering Family provides these services in partnership with many agencies within the city of Houston in a true, collaborative fashion. With these services, the foster and kinship families are able to be there for the children who rely on them and truly give of themselves. I am excited about seeing the growth an expansion of these vital programs in Houston.

Joel Levine, Executive Director
Harris County Resources for Children and Adults

I praise God that Fostering Family is in Houston. God’s heart beats fast for children in distress, and Fostering Family is doing a great job connecting God’s people to God’s passion – for that I am incredibly grateful!

Jeremiah Morris, Lead Pastor
Seven Mile Road

Amber Knowles and Fostering Family are striving to create greater support for and unity amongst organizations as well as churches who know that it is our task to care for the least and lost. When our Oasis ministry at Kingwood United Methodist Church started to support fostering and adopting families, Amber was a significant voice to help us become better trained and aware of the challenges and joys we would face... Fostering Family is making the city of Houston and the world a better place for foster children and we are pleased as a church to be making a difference alongside them.

Chris Harrison, Associate Pastor
Kingwood United Methodist

Fostering Family is a phenomenal resource for foster care organizations and the foster families they support throughout the Greater Houston area. The collaborative babysitter certification courses provided by Fostering Family allow foster care agencies to focus staff resources on recruiting and supporting foster families with the assurance that the babysitters who participate in the babysitting course are well-trained and ready to provide support to foster parents.

DeJuana Jernigan, President/CEO
ArmsWide Adoption Services

Fostering Family is one of the more compelling organizations in our city. They have a vision for sustainable and supported foster care that resources the church to live out the kingdom of God in our world.

Brandon Barker, Pastor of Preaching
Sojourn Heights Church