We can all bring something to the table.

The Potluck is the name we've given to Fostering Family's team of monthly donors. Family gets fostered around the table, and just like a potluck dinner, we all have something to contribute. When it comes to caring for vulnerable children, we can't all do the same thing, but we can all do something. When we combine our efforts, we find that there's more than enough.

Consider joining The Potluck by setting up a monthly donation.

Make your giving go further...

Expand The Riverside Project

Equip community leaders to engage the foster care crisis strategically across the city of Houston.

$200 per month

Provide Relief for a Foster Parent

Every foster parent needs support. Sponsor the training of babysitters to ensure every foster family in Houston gets the rest they deserve.

$100 per month

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Give Voice to Youth Living in Group Homes

Over 400 children are placed in group facilities across Houston, and they’re often overlooked.  Help us advocate for their needs and offer hope for a bright future.

$50 per month

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Connect Families to Resources

Support the expansion of our Resource Page, and help families access services that will help them thrive.

$25 per month

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Things that matter are hard.

 All monthly donors will receive a free t-shirt.