Let's make it official. 

We have a vision to see hundreds of churches, nonprofits,  businesses, and individuals strategically positioned along "the river" and fully equipped to help kids and families find stable footing on dry ground. 

Community Partner Agreement

Community organizations and individuals who participate in The Riverside Project (TRP) understand that in order to meet the needs of vulnerable families in our city, we must work together. No single organization can do all that needs to be done. We need a city-wide, collaborative effort from hundreds of organizations. TRP Community Partners work together to share resources, to learn from one another, and to advocate for families and children in need.

Community Partners agree to:

  • Labor alongside other organizations to meet needs in their local context.

  • Share resources, collaborate on events and trainings, and seek to strengthen other organizations, when appropriate to do so. 

  • Adhere to the three TRP Core Convictions (see below).

  • Serve as coaches or mentors to other organizations (if applicable).

  • Participate in area-specific quarterly gatherings.

  • Participate in the annual celebration of all local partners.

  • Commit to the pursuit of unity and mutual respect with other partners

Our team agrees to: 

  • Provide ongoing resources, tools, coaching, training, and connections to support your organization 

  • Participate in events hosted by your organization (as appropriate) and offer support/resources where needed. 

  • Share and celebrate your efforts through social media, newsletters, other communications.  

Financial Commitment

The Riverside Project is  equipping your organization and the children/families you serve through shared resources/materials, events, coaching, trainings, and referrals. In turn, we want to see organizations multiplying their impact by collaborating with others. We offer these resources free of charge to our partners. But of course, 

Core Convictions


The word compassion comes from the Latin compati, which means "to suffer with." What distinguishes compassion from sympathy or empathy? Action. TRP partners desire to act on behalf of the needy, to relieve suffering by stepping into suffering.


We believe care for the vulnerable is a community project. Every family needs a support system. TRP churches are committed to supporting families within their congregations and mobilizing their own community to care for families in their neighborhoods.


Unity and collaboration require humility. TRP churches genuinely desire to set aside their differences in order to resource and bolster one another for the sake of vulnerable children in Houston.

Thanks for signing up to be a TRP Partner Church!