Let's make it official. 

In 2018, Fostering Family launched a streamlined, multi-agency babysitter certification training to provide support for foster and kinship families across the city of Houston.

Babysitting Collaborative 

There are approximately 5,908 children in foster care in the Houston area and 2,003 licensed homes. We need more foster and kinship families. But more than that, we need families who are equipped, supported, and committed to loving children for the long-haul. If it takes a village to raise a child, that’s doubly true of foster care. Thus, we need whole communities caring for the families who care for vulnerable children.

Providing short-term childcare is one of the most effective ways to bless foster families and help to ensure their physical, spiritual, and emotional health. However, becoming a certified child care provider can be a complicated and confusing process.

During this training, participants receive medication, transportation, and trauma-informed care training as well as CPR/First Aid certification. We utilize a user-friendly online foster care software called Binti. Babysitters will complete documentation through this secure portal which will be easily accessible to their indicated agency (or agencies) for processing.

Partner Agencies (CPAs) agree to:

  • Accept the Joint Application and the listed requirements for each certified child care provider

  • Accept the trauma-informed training, medication training, transportation training, and CPR/First Aid certification provided by The Riverside Project (TRP)

  • Recognize that any additional requirements/training above those offered by TRP will be completed between child care provider and agency unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.

  • Receive the application of each training participant recommended by a foster family licensed through your agency 

  • Run and maintain background checks as necessary for each child care provider

  • Take responsibility for the final approval/denial of child care providers in accordance with certification requirements

  • Communicate and collaborate with TRP and other partnering CPAs

  • Permit child care providers to babysit up to 72 hours in either the provider’s home or the foster family’s home

  • Follow-up with applicants if the agency requires additional documents/procedures not offered through the certification training

  • Hold the child care providers responsible for safety standards

  • Share childcare providers, if child care provider plans to provide care for multiple families licensed by different CPAs (providers may be certified through other agencies, but must be connected to a foster family with each agency)

  • Utilize Binti software to securely access applicant documentation

CPAs and TRP agree to:

  • Promote the certification training to churches, organizations, and licensed foster families

  • Promote the certification training on social media

  • Promote the certification training as an on-ramp for people interested in fostering

  • Communicate requirement that applicants must be connected to a foster family prior to the registering for the training

The Riverside Project agrees to:

  • Coordinate and execute the certification training

  • Communicate requirements and assist participants prior throughout the training so they can complete documentation in training in a timely manner

  • Assist applicants with documentation and submit documents to the appropriate CPA

  • Provide one hour of trauma-informed care training (utilizing TBRI)

  • Coordinate CPR / First Aid skills sessions

Additional Agreements: 

  • This certification class is intended for the support of foster families. Child care providers are not equipped/licensed to provide emergency placement of children.

  • The certification class is not intended for people looking for supplemental income. Reimbursements for time, food, activities, etc. are acceptable but not required, and should be left up to the discretion of the foster family and their child care provider.

  • Certified childcare providers may forward their documentation to additional CPAs for up to one year, provided they are connected with the foster family they intend to serve.

  • This certification class is for people who intend to babysit for foster families. Participants are not permitted to attend for the sole purpose of receiving training hours.

  • After two (2) years from the date of the certification class, childcare providers must attend a refresher course for CPR / First Aid. The Joint Application, Discipline and Confidentiality Policy, etc, do not need to be updated unless there is a major life change (move, marriage, divorce, or other circumstance as deemed necessary by the CPA). Background checks should be updated by CPAs according to normal procedures.

Objectives and Outcomes: 

  • Increased pool of childcare providers and transportation support for foster families

  • 50+ new childcare providers

  • Supported, content, and well-rested foster families

  • Influx of licensed foster families through the exposure this training will provide


The term of this MOU shall be two (2) years from the ?? day of April 2022. Once this MOU expires, all parties must renew their commitment to the short-term childcare collaboration.

Thanks for signing up to be a TRP Partner Agency!